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why the P.r.e.?

Erin and NobleI discovered the Pure Spanish Horse out of a necessity to find a breed that was naturally light in the contact through self carriage, with more rideable gaits that where not jarring to my body, and be sensitive and responsive to my aids, combined with the athletic ability to allow me to continue in the sport of dressage. The P.R.E. horse has met and exceeded my expectations and what I discovered along the way was the most companionable and willing breed I have ever owned.

From that early beginning, I knew that I would not ride any other breed and could see the potential for the Pure Spanish horse as a highly capable and willing partner for the sport of dressage and a safe and sensible equine partner ready to take you to the show on Saturday and a trail ride on Sunday.


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our breeding goals

Erin and NoblezaWhen I started breeding the Pure Spanish Horse, I had a very clear goal in mind; to produce the kind of horse that I would want to own for myself. I am no different than you, the foals that I produce must display the temperament the P.R.E. horse is well known for; kind, friendly and most importantly have people oriented minds. They must have good conformation to do the job asked of them and the athletic ability to meet the demands of training and to have the characteristic beauty the P.R.E. horse is known for. Our horses have the talent and ability for a professional rider; but they are bred with the amateur rider and owner in mind.

Our young foals and weanlings are thoughtfully handled and trained by our foundation trainer to prepare them with all the necessary basic training one should expect for that age.

We participate in the United States Dressage Federation Shows, both under saddle and in the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DSHB) classes; presenting our stallion, mares, young horses and foals. Our horses have done very well in these warmblood dominated classes. Our horses have won Champion All Breed awards and Highest Scoring Andalusian awards.

When you buy an Andalusian Dressage Partners bred horse, you are guaranteed a healthy, sound, people- oriented horse from champion bloodlines, capable and willing to help you meet you’re riding goals and ready to be your lifetime partner. 

Why buying a Foal from Andalusian Dressage Partners is a good investment...

How we raise our Foals

When you buy a foal from Andalusian Dressage Partners, you are buying more than the horse. It takes 11 months before the miraculous birth of a new foal. Months before the foal is even conceived, the mare must be determined to be in good breeding condition, free of any infection, be provided with proper dental, veterinary and farrier care and be at a good weight by providing proper nutrition. Our broodmares and foals receive care and attention few others provide, realizing that optimum breeding and rearing conditions provide the basis for a happy and healthy horse. This investment of time and resources goes a long way to achieving a successful outcome at foaling time and producing a healthy, strong foal.

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  • Once born, and after the mare and foal have bonded, all of our foals are imprinted through gentle means keeping the process stress free for foal and mother. The foals are extensively handled so they associate human contact as a normal part of their environment. 
  • They are immediately seen by a licensed veterinarian for a thorough health evaluation and IGG blood test. 
  • The foals have spent 11 months in the womb, with the last half of the pregnancy spent in a tight ball.  The stress of delivery and the natural conditions of the womb can lead to slight misalignments upon birth. Because of this we provide a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment if needed allowing for any small misalignments to be easily fixed, allowing the foal to grow straight and strong. 
  • The foals are seen by our master farrier and evaluated for balance and trimmed for proper growth.  Many hoof problems seen in mature horses could have easily been corrected through proper farrier care when they where young.
  • Our foals are turned out to pasture with their dams and spend from early spring though late fall allowing for freedom of movement to develop strong bone and muscles and to develop proper herd behavior through social interaction with other foals and their dams.

All of our foals are introduced to a more structured training process with our foundation trainer starting at 3 months of age and progressing through weaning.  Our foundation trainer uses natural herd tendencies of pressure and release while providing a consistent and repetitive environment allowing the foals to learn quickly and to retain what they have been taught. 

The goals of our training program are:

  • The foal accepts the halter willingly
  • Accepts leading and respects your space
  • Performs inside/outside turns
  • Stops and faces you on cue and comes to you on cue
  • Learns to stand quietly for regular handling like grooming, clipping
  • Accepts items such as fly masks, blankets, towels around the face, picks up feet, fly spray, ear handling…
  • Calmly walk away from his dam or “buddies” and to return calmly
  • Enter and stand calmly in the horse trailer

From a solid foundation of proper ground training the foal learns to become a partner with humans, accepting and willing of what is asked of them and laying the foundation for a positive and happy future.

We are committed to those owners who choose to buy an Andalusian Dressage Partners foal, we offer you support on training, nutrition, growth and development and any other aspect of owning a Pure Spanish horse from ADP. 


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