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Barcelona KR, We are thrilled to announce that Barcelona is in foal to the Qualified Festivo MR for a 2015 foal.

in utero sales

We focus on producing an athletic horse within the standards of the breed, which display forward moving ground covering gaits and the ability to excel in the show ring. These mares have produced homozygous black, (EE, produce black) offspring and heterozygous bay (Ee, produce black and chestnut) offspring.

In utero sales by private treaty.

Contact us at or (925) 413-2368 for more information and details. 


Festiva ADP


Festiva ADPFestivo MR (Qualified) x Barcelona KR (Kefren, Qualified)
b. 6/2015
PRE Filly

Festiva ADP was a long time planned breeding. We knew the exceptional qualties of her dam, Barcelona KR, a grand daughter of three-time Champion of France in dressage, Ebanisto and having been sired by the Qualfied stallion Kefren (located in Spain) who is known for producing and passing on his qualities of strength, conformation, gaits and outstanding work ethic. Barcelona is one of a few horses in the U.S. by Kefren making her pedigree and availabliity of her genetics in the U.S. very valuable. 

We carefully selected the Qualified PRE stallion Festivo MR as the sire. Being a dressage oriented breeder of PRE horses are focus has always been on correct gaits, conformation to do the job and temperament and work ethic needed. Festivo fulfilled this for us by enhancing the qualities of Barcelona and strengthening the genetic potential to produce the future modern PRE for sport. Festivo was imported from Spain with an already impressive show career. Having attended three championships in Spain he took home the title of Best Movement in all three along with other accomplishments. 

For us the icing on the cake was his very successful outing at Dressage at Devon. Being the only PRE to have ever won the prestigous title of Reserve Champion Stallion in an open class against domestic and imported Warmbloods and winner of the GAIG Reserve Champion Stallion-East Coast Series and of course winning both Individual Breed Classes.

Festiva's pedigree is mostly made up of horses with a Genetic Index scores for Dressage in the PRE studbook well over 100 for producing the conformation, gaits and along with scores in open dressage competitions to earn these numbers.

Festiva is for the breeder/rider looking for the very best of the best. Her expected mature height will be 16.3+. She has outstanding conformation with no weak areas, a beautiful expressive head, unlimited competitive movement, a lovey temperament with the right amount of spark to set her apart in the show arena. 

Festiva ADP:

Private Treaty Sale: Sold to Canada

Athena ADP


Athena ADPFugitivo XII, Qualified x Aurora KR, Faralay II, Qualified
b. 5/2014
PRE Filly, Inscribed
Heterozygous Grey

A unique opportunity for the discrimminating breeder/owner looking for a one of a kind future show and breeding prospect. Athena was produced from an exclusive breeding to Aurora KR (see mare page), the only mare to beat out 9 stallions and win the 4 Year Old Functionality Class at Feria del Caballo with the 4th highest score of the show behind Grand Prix trained stallions. Aurora was sired by the outstanding Qualified stallion Faralay II (Ebanisto) who himself has earned numerous titles in halter and is currently showing at Grand Prix dressage. Aurora has amassed many Best Movement awards and IALHA National Champion Filly, and has successfully won her open dressage classes with scores in the 70's. 

We were fortunate to attain a rare breeding to the Multi-Champion Qualified Fugitivo XII (see stallion page) who is now deceased. Fugitivo brings the strength of his pedigree having been sired by the Qualified Aguileno II, his great beauty which Athena has inherited and his athletic ability.

Athena carries 4 Qualified horses in her pedigree including one of the most influencial stallions for his exceptional dressage athleticism, Gaucho III. Athena moves with incredible power and floats across the ground and is mesmerizing to watch her move. 

If you strive to produce the best and win the show arena, consider adding this exceptional filly to your program. 

Athena ADP Video:

Price: SOLD! Congratulations to Nora in New Hampshire

Barcelona KR


Barcelona KRKefren, Qualified x Electra CVIII, Ebanisto)
b. 1/2010
5 Year Old Revised PRE Mare

It is a rare treasure to have a horse that can produce top quailty offspring and be an outstanding riding horse. Barcelona has produced foals of the highest quality for athleticism, correct conformation, beauty and temperement. As a riding horse, Barcelona has incredible presence as she floats into the arena and moves like a ballerina showing off her long legs and elegant 16.2 hand frame adding to the "wow" factor. She is everything a well-bred beatiful Spanish horse should be combined with excellent gaits. Think it and she will do it; so responsive under saddle and requiring no great physicality to ride her, truly a harmonious ride. She is a level headed horse that is safe and responsible when ridden. She loves to be groomed and spend time with her person. She is easy in the barn, great for everyday routine handling, clipping, and bathing. She is at the perfect age and maturity with a great brain to formally start to develop her training for competition or be someones extra special riding horse. Take advantage of her price now and develop your bond and enjoy the journey.  

Video will be updated soon, please check back or email us.

Barcelona KR under saddle video:


PRICE: Sold to Canada

Siena ADP


Siena ADPAcertijo JIM x Fugitiva KR
b. 7/2012
Inscribed PRE Filly

Ready to enter the show arena and earn the scores you have been working so hard to get? In the Summer of 2015 we will be offering one of our very special PRE horses backed and ready to develop her riding career. As a coming 3 year old, Siena has already received extensive ground work and confidently loads and travels in the trailer like a pro, bathes, clips, ties and everything in between. Siena is a brave and confident horse with a fun and dynamic personality, always willing to learn new things.

As far as her pedigree goes, you can't get any better. Her dam Fugitiva is our fantasy horse, dreamy in her floating movement, sweet as they come and a daughter of the deceased Breed and Dressage Champion Fugitivo XII out of the Ebanisto daughter Divina LXXV owned by Ketcham Ranch. Siena's sire Acertijo was imported from Hacienda Santa Lucia, and oh what a pedigree he has. We love Albero II, for throwing his big movement and his sire Hilandero is from the famous Conesa breeding farm in Spain. Acertijo has so many titles we could be here all day, suffice it to say he has Champion after his name a half dozen times. 

Siena will make the perfect partner for the rider who wants to do it all. Dressage will come easy to her, but she will also enjoy the thrill of a trail ride, the challenge of a small jump course and be a willing partner for whatever her owner aspires to. 

Siena ADP Video:

Ground Work Video:

Price:  Coming Soon in the Fall of 2015 Early Inquiries Welcome

*SOLD! Congratulations Nicole


Our foals There can be no greater pleasure for any horse lover than to raise your own young horse. Watching the young horse grow, building up an intimate relationship with it, and training it yourself is a matter of much enjoyment. While raising a young horse you strengthen the relationship between human and animal considerably. Most horse owners have a more intimate relationship with the young horse they have raised themselves, making the first ride under saddle a seamless event.

No horse owner need fear that the period between birth and backing is ever boring. There is a multitude of practical, fun and showing activities with which to occupy the growing young horse.  All of these activities contribute towards the horse’s adult life and by further strengthening the bond between horse & human.
A quote from Richard Maxwell’s book From Birth to Backing:

Q. People always say you should be very experienced before taking on a youngster. How much experience is enough?

“Time, patience, common sense and intelligent, sympathetic handling can make up for a lack of experience. Anyone can have fun with a youngster if they are confident around older horses and have a good support network in terms of help and advice.  However, if you have any doubts about your experience, you will find it easier to make progress with a youngster which has a naturally confident and laid-back attitude and has been well handled since birth.”

At our farm, all of our foals are raised in open pastures with plenty of space to run and develop strong bone and muscles. Both mares and foals are carefully monitored to maintain optimal health and well being.  All of our foals are handled on a daily basis and have all the necessary ground skills required of a young horse by the time they are weaned. For more information on how we raise how foals see Why Buying a Foal from Andalusian Dressage Partners is a Good Investment.

Learn more about the P.R.E. Horse: Frequently Asked Questions


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