Fainero ADP Takes Top Honors at Feria del Caballo

Feria del CaballoUSPRE Born in America Stallion Award Winner

Reserve Champion Functionality Winner for the show.

Reserve Champion Functionality Winner for the show.

The largest PRE horse show outside of Spain, Feria del Caballo hosted over 92 PRE horses of various ages and included both imported as well as domestically bred horses. The competition was fierce and three Spanish judges presided over the show picking only the best from the large classes.  At the young age of 4 years old, home bred PRE stallion  Fainero ADP was primed and ready for the show. Competing against an impressive imported stallion, Fainero placed a respectable 2nd place in his morphology halter class on day one. Day two included the riding portion of the class and Fainero who was expertly ridden by Lehua Custer reigned over his class winning Functionality Champion. The last day of the show included a tally of scores for all ages and sexes and this young stallion less than a year under saddle received the prestiges Reserve Champion Functionality Award for the show behind the highly trained and older imported and Qualified PRE stallion Ciclon!  What an incredible feat, but that wasn’t the end, having earned the highest morphology score of all the US born 4 and older stallions, Fainero also received the USPRE Born in America Award for Stallions. A victory for this young stallion who hasn’t even reached his full maturity and a true testament to the quality of horses being bred in the U.S. and a testament to his FEI level PRE sire Noble GF.  A breeder is but a small part of victories, without the hard work, determination and vision of his owner, none of it would be possible. ADP salutes and congratulates Fainero ADP’s owner Nick Phillips, Yeguada Alexander, for going “all the way” with him!

Fainero ADP will be standing stud in 2014. Fainero is DNA tested Homozygous Black (EEaa). Champions produce Champions. Contact Nick Phillips or ADP for more information.

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